Thinking of the people

As we all know thinking depends on the person it varies from person to person. As you start exploring the thoughts of large number of people you would observe the differences in their thoughts in a particular topic.

There are mainly 2 types of persons namely: optimistic & pessimistic. Generally  in common words we say optimistic to be having positive view & pessimistic to be having negative view about anything.

Some others would also say optimistic person to be having practical thoughts & pessimistic to be having impractical thoughts. I want to ask one question to everyone of you. What this practical & impractical thought means?

You would say practically thinking is thinking about anything by keeping all possible aspects in mind neglecting the ones that are impossible. Just reverse of that impractically thinking is thinking about anything by keeping all possible & impossible aspects in mind.

So now could you answer me what are possible & impossible things?

The notions of these 2 words keep changing with the time. 1 thing may be impossible at a time but when you figure it out at the next time you observe that it had already turned into a possible thing.

We can see many examples of impossible turning into possible from the ancient history which constantly keeps us challenging that nothing is impossible.

1 great philosopher has said “ In the word impossible itself it is written “ I m possible” the word itself says that it is possible”.

When the word itself tells you that it’s possible then why we don’t have guts to accept its challenge & make it possible.

Let’s move on with some examples of history which proves that nothing is impossible. When discovery of electricity has not been achieved, had anyone thought that besides the light of the moon & stars they would get light from anything else at night? At that time for them thinking about light at night by any other source was impossible.

But the discoverer of the electricity he thought it to be possible. At that time according to persons of that time based on the definitions discussed above that person was a pessimist because he thought of the impractical aspects that were not possible at that time.

Now you all just think at that time by fear if he would have stopped thinking what his mind said to him now the thing “electricity” which we are getting now we could never imagine the light at night now.

Similarly, like these several others things had been discovered which at that time was not possible.

By these all things we could see that the pessimist people make a revolutionary change in this world.

So, I conclude that their is nothing like optimist & pessimist & there is nothing like possible & impossible. Nothing is impossible. Start thinking impossible things explore it & you could be the next revolutionary change of this world.


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